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February 5th, 2011



Social and ethical responsibilities of researchers, whistleblowing : obstacles and challenges


A workshop proposed by : Fondation Sciences Citoyennes (France), ENSSER (Europe) and FQPPU (Québec)

All disciplinary fields are concerned, including human sciences.The intrinsic value and the conceptual contribution of the human and social sciences to the understanding of various stakes and to the establishment of the orientations of research often give way essentially to an instrumental use, for the development of technosciences. How to reverse the situation and give to the academic and scientific circles the means to assume in an ethical way their responsibilities towards global society ?

University in the 21st century : towards an international network


A workshop proposed by FPH (Switzerland), Groupe 38 (Europe) and Attac (France)

Numerous and strong signs across the world show the actual "University model" is in crisis. Struggles un Greece, France, Germany, Austria, USA, Spain, Brazil The growing role of new private actors and found-raisers influence the governance of big Universities, including the contents.


Participatory research : stakes and obstacles


A worshop proposed by Fondation Sciences Citoyennes (France) and Enda-Diapol (Senegal)

We can observe the emergence of participatory research experiences (cr action research) forming the scientific third sector (civil society, citizen movements and trade unions ...).The ideal behind participery research is not to feed a sterile opposition with academics but much more to explore new forms of partnerships, new methods and scientific areas forgotten by the dominant scientific orientations, such as social and ecological demands.


Reversing the migration of brains and talent


A workshop proposed by World Federation of Scientific Workers.


Science : what kind of progress ?


A workshop proposed by : Comité Québécois Sciences et Démocratie, FPH, Groupe 38 (Europe), Attac (France) and CCFD (France).



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