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The Film "Rio" is directed by a Rio native,

Carlos Saldanha


lançamento - foto divulgação

                          foto divulgação "Rio" by 20th Century Fox - Blue Fox Studio, 2011 


Animated adventures of a couple of rare blue macaws

(voiced by Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway)


That's where a baby blue macaw is captured in the opening sequence. Exported to America, he grows up in a Minnesota home. When a Brazilian ornithologist named Tulio (voiced by Rodrigo Santoro) tracks down the owner named Linda (voiced by Leslie Mann) and persuades her to bring her bird to Rio de Janeiro to mate with another rare blue macaw named Jewel (voiced by Anne Hathaway), our hero BLU (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) is going to experience culture shock !


Not only do Blu and Jewel not get it on, but they hate each other : Linda has domesticated BLU, that he makes his own breakfast, but he never learned to do what most birds can do, which is fly ! 


In an exclusive interview of ComingSoon, Carlos Saldanha says : "in movies where you have to mix animals and humans (...), i always thought that was a very successful approach throughout, that you can keep the audience connected to both stories -  you cannot keep them separate, but you keep them connected to what we perceive as being a natural relationship. For example, like in this case, it was the relationship between the owner and it's companion or it's pet. People do talk to pets and they just treat pets as kids.Vice versa, the fact that you always feel that your pet is understanding exactly what you're talking don't need to have the two of them talking, sometimes it's just a look, sometimes it's just a reaction, a facial expression that conveys that. I believe that i didn't have to spoil that magic moment by just adding words to it. For me, animation the less amount of talking you do, the better because i believe that you can do a lot with expressions and with moments just in the acting."


The fact that they're chained to each other sets up plenty of slapstick and elaborate mad dashes across slums, beaches, forests and the spectacle of Carnival ! Kids and adults will enjoy the music, colour, tone, humor and the voice talents of a cast that includes Will.i.Am, Bebel Gilberto, Anne Hathaway,Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx, Jane Lynch e Leslie Mann ; it's a wonderful movie, fun enough for the whole family to see !


Christian Leray




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